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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Building Sustainable Connections?

Building Sustainable Connections (BSC) is a nonprofit organization focused on promoting sustainable actions in our local business community.  We hope to create an awareness of how accessible (and profitable) triple bottom line business models can be, and to empower individuals to look for ways their organization can make small steps that have a big impact.

What is the Green Business Program?

BSC has created a checklist of sustainable items that organizations can implement into their business model that will improve their triple bottom line.  Participation in our program means that an organization has self-certified their organization according to this checklist and undergone a site visit to verify their actions.  Once completed, they are listed on our Green Business Directory for a period of three years before needing to recertify.  We work with these organizations during their enrollment to help them meet new sustainability goals, and to promote their actions in the community.

Is there a fee to participate in the Green Business Program?

Our certification program does incur a fee.  The amount of which is based on the level of award that your organization receives.  These fees cover administrative costs such as website hosting for the Green Business Directory, the purchase of awards associated with the certification, and also help to fund our work to bring education to more organizations in the area.  For more information on the fee rates, click here.

If I donate to BSC, where will my funds be utilized?

 Building Sustainable Connections is run 100% by volunteers.  That means we do not collect any paychecks from our work and volunteer our time and expertise to the community.  Your donations are put to use to help with administrative fees such as printing of materials, vendor/booth fees at events, etc.  They are also reinvested in our community through our Sustainable Improvements Grants program.  Find out more about our donation incentives here.

Do you only work with businesses?

NO!  We work with nonprofits, educational institutions, religious institutions, startup organizations, and more.   We provide information that is applicable to all persons and workplaces, and offer our Green Business Program to any workplace that employs 2 or more people and is not based out of the home.

What is your coverage area?

Currently, we are dedicated to working with Sioux Falls area organizations in our Green Business Program.  However, we welcome organizations from surrounding cities to contact us if they are interested in being a part of our network!

I don't own a business.  Can I get involved?

YES!  In addition to promoting business actions that increase a business' triple bottom line, we want to empower individuals to take action in their homes, communities, and workplaces.  We have committees that are always looking for volunteers to help table events, write and compile articles for the newsletter, and help us look for ways to bring in grant funding to expand our impact.  We also run Green Drinks and would love to see you at our next event!  Email us to find out more.

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