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Eco Friendly Buildings

Get Certified

Our local certification process can help your organization communicate a commitment to sustainability and identify opportunities for improvement in your organization's green framework.  Get started today!

How to Get Started

Step 1

Download the BSC Green Standard Certification Checklist and complete a self-audit of your organization. 

Step 2

Count the number of completed actions to determine your Certification Level

Step 3

Submit your completed Certification Checklist and submit with your certification fee.

Download a Copy of Our Green Business Checklist

Whether you're ready to certify your business or you're looking for ideas on where to start in you organization's sustainable journey, download a copy today!

Determine Your Certification Level and Apply

Once your organization has completed the self-assessment, total the number of actions completed to determine your award level.  Submit your completed Checklist for review via the email link below, and mail your organization's certification fee to: 

Building Sustainable Connections

PO Box 605

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

BSC_bronze award on white_rgb.png
BSC_silver award on white_rgb.png
BSC_gold award on white_rgb.png

15-25 Actions

25-35 Actions

36-45 Actions

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