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Your donation to Building Sustainable Connections is an investment in our community.  Our organization works to encourage local area businesses to create environmentally forward-thinking improvements to their operations.  These changes help to improve the natural landscape, air quality, and water quality for our community. 


Building Sustainable Connections is dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the community where we live and work.  Through our business outreach programs and awareness campaigns, we are creating an awareness of how all organizations can have positive environmental impact on our community.  With your tax deductible financial support, we hope to create an equitable, green, and thriving community in South Dakota.

Mail Your Charitable Donations To:

Building Sustainable Connections
PO Box 605
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

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Every donation helps us continue our work in the community.


Covers our annual state business incorporation fees


Covers one month of expenses relating to our website and email domains


Helps us market and advertise for yearly events


Enables us to table an event where we bring sustainable materials to the community


Helps us print educational materials and distribute them to community members


This amount is redistributed to a local organization to help them make sustainable improvements through our grants program


Covers our operational expenses and allows us to focus on our impact on the community


Helps to offset the costs of energy audits for three organizations, and helps an additional organization obtain a programmable thermostat


Funds sustainable improvements for at least five organizations


As a way to thank you for your support of Building Sustainable Connections, we offer several incentive levels that also allow you to display your support for a green, just, and economically sound future Sioux Falls.  All items are shipped responsibly using low-carbon shipping options and sustainable packaging materials.

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