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Raven Industries

2300 E Rice Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Certified 2024 - 2027

Sustainability Highlight

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Founded in 1956, Raven has been an integral member of the Sioux Falls community for nearly seven decades. Together with CNH, a global leader in ag and construction equipment, Raven is deeply committed to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility around the globe.


Raven’s downtown headquarters building, LEED® Gold certified, stands as a testament to its commitment to sustainable building practices. The facility features low-flow lavatories that have effectively reduced water waste by an impressive 41%. LED lights reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable lighting practices throughout the building. The facility’s "green" roof composed of living plants goes beyond aesthetics by providing water filtration, improving heat efficiency, and collecting rainwater for landscape irrigation — supported by seven underground water tanks capable of collecting 400 gallons each. Sustainability is also integrated into daily onsite operations, from recycling systems to reusing materials, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility.


The organization’s dedication to sustainability also extends to its product lines. Raven precision agriculture products have been enabling farmers to be good stewards of the land since Raven began developing precision agriculture products in the 1970s. Technology like Hawkeye 2® and AutoBoom® XRT mitigate environmental impact through precision, capture, and containment methods. As a member of Operation Weed Eradication, Raven also contributes to sustainable practices for farmers, supporting efforts to remove weeds from their farms in an environmentally friendly manner.


Raven and CNH’s commitment to environmental responsibility goes beyond business operations, engaging employees in community-driven initiatives. The Sioux Falls site has a dedicated Sustainability Committee that leads various initiatives to promote sustainable practices, and in 2023, employee-organized river cleanup events resulted in the removal of over 500 pounds of trash from the Big Sioux River. These collective actions reflect Raven and CNH’s dedication to fostering a sense of shared values, engaging employees in the pursuit of a more sustainable future for Sioux Falls and beyond.

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Sienna Mayer
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380 Employees
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