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2300 E Rice Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Certified 2022 - 2025

Sustainability Highlight

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Americold is a National brand that holds high sustainability values and encourages its local facilities to create innovative measures to reduce waste and emissions within their community.  The Sioux Falls facility has taken this to a new level; providing proof of concept for many innovative energy reduction practices that have also been adopted by Americold National!  As energy/power use  represents the largest draw from their facility, local General Manager, Eric Smith, noted that he is always seeking to identify new and effective ways to reduce energy consumption.  One such measure is the use of well water for the facility's on-site conductor.  Here, rainwater collection is used as the primary water source for operational water use.  Their onsite system also enables water to be reclaimed three times per draw through a filtration process; minimizing energy use and maximizing water conservation.  Americold also stresses the importance of community involvement and preservation through their actions and facility decision-making process.  Through an internal Engagement Committee, Americold empowers its employees to make decisions relating to sustainability and community outreach.  This has led to group involvement in several local community cleanup and beautification events, prioritizing local small business services for landscaping and cleaning contracts, and participation in local pallet recycling program.

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Eric B. Smith
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35 Employees
Owns workspace

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Total Score: 28

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