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Terra Shepherd Boutique & Apothecary

218 S. Phillips Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Certified 2022 - 2025

Sustainability Highlight

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Terra Shepherd is South Dakota's first (and only!) sustainable clothing boutique.  The store promotes thoughtfully curated fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products that are held to high ethical and environmental standards.  Terra Shepherd has implemented an exceptional model for waste diversion; utilizing recycled shipping and packaging materials, and giving new life to store fixtures and display cases.  All single-use products used in the store - from shopping bags to toilet paper - are purchased in bulk and with recycled or tree-free products.  With the objective of maximizing the lifecycle of all items, Terra Shepherd takes care to avoid non-recyclable additions, such as stickers, to their packaging.  The store also hosts sustainable educational and community outreach events which include workshops on natural botanical clothes dyeing, informational sessions to identify greenwashing, and clothing swaps that ensure unwanted fabrics stays out of the landfill.  In addition to making sustainable business decisions,  Sara Jamison, store owner of Terra Shepherd, works to source products that are made and packaged sustainably; many of which are created by local makers.  She provides information relating to the sourcing, dyeing, creation, and production of many products in the store's inventory within the item description on Terra Shepherd's website.  Terra Shepherd emphasizes the importance of small changes with lasting impacts by offering "sustainable swap" events that introduce reusable alternatives to single-use items.

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Sara Jamison
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7 employees
Leases workspace

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